My Swimming Experiences.

Children at St Patrick’s School have been lucky enough to go to swimming lessons over the past two weeks. Everyday we had to bring our togs, a towel and goggles. We changed and headedto the bus that was waiting to take us to the CLM pool.

My favourite swimming stroke is freestyle and now I know how to turn my head to the side and breathe properly. I enjoyed partnering with Patrick when one of us had to jump into the pool, pretending we were drowning. I threw a life jacket to him and then Lee gave us the Rescue Bag to throw to Patrick. I helped to bring Patrick back to the edge of the pool. At the end of each lesson we could do our favourite jump into the pool. My favourite was a Manu. I really enjoyed swimming this year.


My writing about Storm Boy.

I am young even but I am not childish. I have never been to school but I know alot about the world. I live on the beach which is 90 miles long and on the Coorong. My dad is called  Hideaway Tom because he is quiet and keeps to himself. We do not bother people from town or different cities nearby but we do like to sell cockles and fish to them sometimes. I like being outside in storms and the rain because it makes me feel peaceful.

I am………………………………………….. Storm Boy. 

Our ki o rahi tornament


Yesterday we had our first ki o rahi tournament. We had to play in our houses which are Rata, Rimu, Totara and Kauri.  Coach Trey has been teaching us the skills of the game all term and yesterday he was the ref. There were some games that we won and some that we lost but it was so fun. It was a great experience and it was really good that we could play with and against the bigger kids from Room 7 and 8.



The pelican lives near the sea, lakes, rivers and also on the land. 


Pelicans like to eat fish, crabs, frogs, lizards and lobsters. 


A pelican is a large bird that has white feathers on the top and some black feathers underneath. They have very short legs that have webbed feet at the end to help them to swim.


Pelicans can live for between 15 to 25 years. 


Pelicans’ enemies are wild dogs and cats, raccoons, alligators and even people shoot them sometimes.

ANZAC Biscuits



Did you know in 1915, during world war 1, women made ANZAC cookies to send to the ANZAC soldiers and nurses who were far away from home?  Last Thursday Mrs Agnew got us some ANZAC cookies. We had to describe  them, like what they looked liked, smelled like and tasted. I liked it when we could eat them! They looked like a small little planet in space. It felt rough like rocks on the road. A delicious sweet as candy was the taste. The ingredients were golden syrup,baking soda and  Butter. It was so delicious.

St Patrick’s 175th Jubilee.


                                  St Patrick’s 175th Jubilee

On Friday last week it was St Patrick’s Day. That morning I woke up so I could have some Waffles and some hot chips. I got ready for school and we went to mass. Then after mass Father took us to the front of the church and then two of the  students dug up our time capsule. Then I saw father take some of the people to the hall to celebrate with a cup of tea. We came back to school and we played tabloid sports. I liked gum boot throw the best.

After lunch we came back to class and we drew pictures and it was a fun St Patrick’s Day. Then on Sunday my family and I came to mass. There were so many people and I liked it when the Tongan girl was sitting on the fata and gave the bible  to Father. I also liked the beautiful singing  by the other Tongan girl and the community. Then after church we all went to the hall and we sang 3 songs to entertain the people in the hall. It was a great weekend celebration.